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Best Free VPN for Chrome

Best Free VPN for Chrome

Jan 13, 2024

Companies, governments, schools, and advertisers follow you throughout the internet.

While your employer or school blocks specific websites, advertising may be trying to track you down and offer you stuff. 

This is mostly done carelessly and with excessive force, either by blocklisting specific websites or employing algorithms to prohibit entire themes.

For instance, every Google domain is blocked by the Chinese government. Gmail is included in this. It’s almost hard to work while traveling to China. 

Netflix presents entirely distinct content according to your location. You might lose access to a fantastic series halfway through. 

Amazing programmes have caught your attention when traveling, and you never realized that country access was deferred until you arrived home and lost access. 

So is there a way to get around these restrictions?

5 Best VPN for Chrome

Here are our top picks, along with descriptions of their features and limitations.

The top 5 best VPN for Chrome we will discuss today are:

  1. Hola VPN – The Website Unblocker. 
  2. VPN Proxy 1clickVPN – free VPN Extension for Chrome. 
  3. VPN ZenMate – best free VPN for Chrome. 
  4. Browse VPN – Free VPN Chrome Extension.
  5. NordVPN – VPN Proxy and Security. 

Here are five Chrome VPNs that we’ll be discussing, along with their pros and cons:

Hola VPN – The Website Unblocker

Using a peer-to-peer network, this VPN Chrome extension allows you access to websites and information that could be blocked in your area by rerouting your internet traffic through other users’ computers. 

Hola Free VPN allows you access to websites that are prohibited by governments or Internet service providers (ISPs) and streaming services. 

You can view regional material on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos or join Reddit HD communities. 

Users have the opportunity to select certain nations or let the software choose the best alternative for them to connect to automatically. 

Hola free Chrome VPN is an application with a straightforward idea: get around limitations and access content that is restricted.

Why You Should Consider

Users’ online activities are guaranteed to remain anonymous and untraceable. It is highly adaptable, working with various browsers and operating systems. 

For a restricted time, the free version unblocks the majority of websites.


  1. Opens content blocked in other regions. 
  2. Fantastic for BBC, Pandora, Hulu, and other content; simple to set up and install. 
  3. Scripts that can be changed to suit specific locales. 
  4. Compatible with multiple platforms. 


What are the drawbacks of the Hola VPN Chrome extension, as we’ve only read about its benefits? 

These are a few Hola VPN drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  1. The video may occasionally lag. 
  2. Doesn’t unlock every area. 
  3. Certain nations’ proxies don’t function correctly. 
  4. Potential slowdown in internet speed. 

Protect your privacy, remain anonymous, and gain access to unrestricted internet access with 1clickVPN Proxy quick, safe, and user-friendly VPN service. 

Unlock online freedom and enjoy your preferred fast, secure service and music wherever you are! 

With 1clickVPN, the free VPN Chrome extension enables you to access your preferred services quickly and securely anywhere. 

Why You Should Consider

Installing the 1clickVPN extension on your Chrome browser improves your online experience. 

Whether you’re at home or a busy public airport hotspot, connect to dedicated proxy servers, browse safely, and safeguard your privacy. 


  1. More than a thousand servers. 
  2. Fast server network.  
  3. Strictly no logs, and 24/7 client support. 
  4. Available on IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac Apps. 


The benefits of 1clickVPN have previously been discussed, but what are the drawbacks? 

The following are some 1clickVPN drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  1. Slow connection speed. 
  2. The free version has fewer server options. 
  3. It takes several connections and disconnects.

Free VPN ZenMate – Best Chrome VPN

This free Chrome VPN extension for hiding your IP address is ZenMate Free VPN, also fast and anonymous. 

Introducing the ZenMate Free VPN addon for Chrome. This VPN browser extension for Chrome safeguards your online activity. 

Enjoy limitless, quick connection times, and complete leak protection. 

The free ZenMate VPN Chrome extension uses strong encryption to secure all your traffic and conceal your true IP address, allowing you to visit any website that is blocked. 

Why You Should Consider

ZenMate VPN uses public Wi-Fi safely, and grade A military encryption. This Chrome VPN never records the user’s activity or keeps logs. 


  1. Hide your IP Address
  2. Committed client assistance
  3. A policy of no Logs
  4. Several locations


Let’s examine ZenMate VPN’s drawbacks after discussing the advantages of this VPN extension for Chrome. 

  1. Its Windows app and other versions don’t have any special features. 
  2. The app lacks several important capabilities. 
  3. The VPN performs poorly when it comes to tunneling protocols. 
  4. It doesn’t help their case that they move slowly. 

With Browsec, a free VPN extension, you can surf secretly while shielding your IP Address from online risks. 

Use Browsec free VPN Chrome extension to access websites and unblock any content. Using the Browsec VPN Chrome addon, you may change your IP safely. 

No-cost virtue spaces, and unlimited availability of games, movies, books, and music. 

With the Browsec VPN addon, you can browse the internet without restrictions and keep your Google Chrome safe. 

You won’t be concerned about data sniffers and information breaches when you use this VPN for Chrome. 

Why You Should Consider

Consider using Browsec VPN because they guarantee access to the websites you require and a reliable internet connection. 

From the USA to the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore, and more, you can select the one that best suits you. 


  1. Encryption of traffic. 
  2. Zero restrictions. 
  3. Remote server. 
  4. Security and confidentiality. 


After learning about the benefits of Browsec VPN, you may be curious about the drawbacks. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. 

The following drawbacks of Browsec VPN are things to be mindful of:

  1. no desktop clients. 
  2. Torrenting is not supported. 
  3. Low connection speed. 
  4. A limited set of server locations.

Thanks to an abundance of cleverness, the cutting-edge technologies of Nord VPN protect your devices from viruses  

Nord VPN sends you an immediate notification if any of your accounts have been compromised online for added security. 

A better, easier, safer online experience. Threat protection will stop malware before it has a chance to download. 

Why You Should Consider

To what extent is NordVPN safe? Your data is so protected that it would take the most powerful computer in the world billions of years to decrypt it. 


  1. Malware defense. 
  2. Remote access to files. 
  3. Dark Web tracker. 
  4. Keep your private data secure. 


You might wonder what the drawbacks of NordVPN are. Well, we’ve taken care of it. Here are several drawbacks that you should be aware of. 

  1. Reduces the speed of the internet. 
  2. Won’t shield from social media data hoarding. 
  3. Incompatible with specific electronic gadgets. 
  4. Not shielded from volunteer data collected by a VPN. 

How to Choose the Best VPN Chrome Extension?

Knowing what you need makes it easy to choose the right product every time. With VPNs, the same guidelines apply. 

You may rely on the following list of important considerations when selecting a VPN addon for your Google Chrome browser. 

  • Privacy and security. 
  • Divided tunneling. 
  • Surveillance of the dark web. 
  • Blocking advertisements. 
  • Accessibility. 
  • Easily navigable interface. 


Regretfully, many Chrome VPN add-ons don’t improve your surfing experiences. The promised Security tools either don’t operate at all or work irregularly. In light of this, we’ve investigated and discovered the top VPN for Chrome. After extensive study, you can see some of the best Chrome VPNs we’ve found in this post. Thus, read through to determine which VPN is compatible with your Chrome browser. 


Can I trust a free VPN?

Many free VPN services are available; remember that using one might not be the safest choice.

Using a VPN to safeguard your online privacy is counter to the entire goal of many free VPN companies, which is to sell user data

Do free Chrome VPNs slow down Internet speed?

Indeed, using a free VPN Chrome extension can make your internet run much slower. They frequently have fewer servers which causes congestion and sluggish rates. 

Are VPN for Chrome safe?

VPN extensions for Chrome are secure!

That is, provided you select a reputable VPN provider with cutting-edge security and privacy features. 

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